Canadian Maker Feature: Silva

Silva Custom Furniture has been building upholstered furniture for many of Canada’s best loved designers for years. Sarah Richardson Design (featured at left), Jane Lockhart, Cobi Ladner, Tiffany Pratt and others have created catalogues for the retail public and Silva also has its own very extensive catalogue of upholstered items.

What do we like about working with Silva?

The answer is almost always YES, when the question is “Can I…”

Make it bigger ? make it smaller? change the cushions?

add trim? take away trim? add feathers? use whatever fabric I want?

make it look like… (cocktail napkin sketch)?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Many core pieces in the line are the result of requested variations.

Take for example:

The Charles Chair

An excellent armchair.

Can it be made as a swivel? Yes!

Charles swivel rocker.

Is there something along these lines but a little more contemporary? Yes!


Made for the Jane Lockhart Collection.

But back to Charles…

Can you tuft the back? Yes!


What about adding a turned leg? Yes!


(Are you getting the idea?)

Do these come as sofas and loveseats too? Yes.

Sometimes sectionals too.

Here are a few of our current favourites – see Silva’s website for the complete collections