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The Great Indoors

We’re never completely prepared for the onset of winter, but readying your nest for the long dark can sure help!


  • a great place to sit – be it a sofa, sectional or new favourite chair
  • lighting you can read by – preferably that which makes you feel warmer and look younger
  • maybe a nice new rug, soft under foot in easy care wool
  • a cozy natural fibre throw and toss pillows
  • a trusty four legged companion – one is good, more is better

You’re all set – Let it Snow!

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Crazy Comfortable Outdoor Seating – has arrived!

Monterey Seating
Kennebunkport Seating
Majorca Seating

This is a tiny taste of our newest outdoor furniture line. It’s CRAZY comfortable.

Does it need maintenance, covering in season and proper winter storage? Yes.

Is it expensive? Yes.

Is it worth worth waiting for? Absolutely!

We’ve been challenged to offer even better comfort in our outdoor seating. Better cushions, and in particular higher backed frames with swivel and spring rocker motion options. And companion dining. And deep collections for variety within a matched group. Does they offer this? Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Here’s a place to see more

Let us know what you think!

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Patio Furniture – for Winter?

Dreaming of Spring and Summer?

We’re not there yet – but already there are days we could comfortably sit outside if everything wasn’t put away and we could remember where we put the cushions…

Is this you? Consider the all weather, ultra low maintenance outdoor seating options from our friends at Twist. Rotomolded in a rainbow of colours these can stay out all year long and are ready to use at the first sign of a Chinook. Sectionals, dining, lounge and adirondack chairs are stylish and comfortable, don’t require cushions and are built for Canadians, by Canadians. Did we mention affordable?

Come see for yourself! Visit us today!

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Santa came to town

We had a special visitor to the store before Christmas, and the resident furbabies invited a few of their friends to join in, take some photos and help us make the season a little brighter for our friends at AARCS and the Calgary Food Bank.

Thanks to all for a fun (and slightly chaotic) afternoon!

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21 Years and Counting…

To our Dear Clients and Vendor partners – Thank You.

We began with a simple premise – to make a broader assortment of designer fabrics, trimmings and soft goods available to the retail public. It was (then) a secret society with closely guarded access and we thought it shouldn’t be that way. We thought you shouldn’t need a password to buy beautiful things. How times change!

When we opened our first location at the corner of 11th and 11th SW it was the fall of 2001 and the world was in turmoil. We looked to our homes with a renewed view toward the safety, stability and comfort they offered. We ‘nested’. It was the start of an interesting time, where independent boutiques took centre stage and districts organized into collectives to market with and for one another. The 11th avenue Design District was born of this collaborative effort and being part of it was a highlight of our tenure in the Beltline.

Our business grew organically over the years as we introduced indoor and later outdoor furnishings in response to customer requests – sofas and chairs to go with their custom draperies, cushions and bedding. Whatever clients couldn’t find, we sought to provide. Choices! More Choices! Domestic production, individualized customization options and close relationships to the furniture makers allowed us to really understand how things are made as well as how quality, longevity and comfort can come together at a variety of price points.

Our core values and offering remain unchanged; it still starts with beautiful fabrics! We are grateful that clients continue to bring their imaginative home projects and invite us to collaborate with them. Where once we provided access to the exclusive, our role has evolved to one of creative curation; finding from the myriad available the best options for each client’s needs, tastes and budget.

Thank you again – for 21 years of fun, creativity and trust. We look forward to our continued partnership.

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Blankets & Throws

There’s something undeniably attractive about the Nordic sensibility; both practical and beautiful, natural yet elegant, simple yet refined.

Our Fall 2022 blanket and throw collection is an homage to these finer things in life that make every day living better (even if you can’t walk out your door to picnic overlooking a fjord).

Ethically sourced virgin and repurposed cotton and wool fibres are combined in products of unparalleled texture and softness.

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Choosing to Recline

For years we basically – actually unequivocally – refused to consider motion furniture for our assortment. Clunky, ugly, puffalumpy, usually imported – and plugged in??? Surely we could do better than that.

Seeing the functionality and beauty of certain swivel chairs and particularly outdoor motion chairs softened our position somewhat over the years. But still NO recliners. No way…

So maybe it’s that gravity has caught up with us. Or maybe it’s all the screen time over the last couple of years. Definitely it’s that styles have improved and ergonomics are being considered. German engineering doesn’t hurt, either. Ours still won’t have refrigerated compartments and they definitely won’t be upholstered in jewel-toned printed velour, but we will have a handful reclining chair styles as part of our Fall/Winter assortment. All will be available in either fabric or leather and some will have optional power features (which do not include refrigeration, massage or self-cleaning). None will be made in China. All will be great looking chairs – that just happen to recline.