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Choosing to Recline

For years we basically – actually unequivocally – refused to consider motion furniture for our assortment. Clunky, ugly, puffalumpy, usually imported – and plugged in??? Surely we could do better than that.

Seeing the functionality and beauty of certain swivel chairs and particularly outdoor motion chairs softened our position somewhat over the years. But still NO recliners. No way…

So maybe it’s that gravity has caught up with us. Or maybe it’s all the screen time over the last couple of years. Definitely it’s that styles have improved and ergonomics are being considered. German engineering doesn’t hurt, either. Ours still won’t have refrigerated compartments and they definitely won’t be upholstered in jewel-toned printed velour, but we will have a handful reclining chair styles as part of our Fall/Winter assortment. All will be available in either fabric or leather and some will have optional power features (which do not include refrigeration, massage or self-cleaning). None will be made in China. All will be great looking chairs – that just happen to recline.