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21 Years and Counting…

To our Dear Clients and Vendor partners – Thank You.

We began with a simple premise – to make a broader assortment of designer fabrics, trimmings and soft goods available to the retail public. It was (then) a secret society with closely guarded access and we thought it shouldn’t be that way. We thought you shouldn’t need a password to buy beautiful things. How times change!

When we opened our first location at the corner of 11th and 11th SW it was the fall of 2001 and the world was in turmoil. We looked to our homes with a renewed view toward the safety, stability and comfort they offered. We ‘nested’. It was the start of an interesting time, where independent boutiques took centre stage and districts organized into collectives to market with and for one another. The 11th avenue Design District was born of this collaborative effort and being part of it was a highlight of our tenure in the Beltline.

Our business grew organically over the years as we introduced indoor and later outdoor furnishings in response to customer requests – sofas and chairs to go with their custom draperies, cushions and bedding. Whatever clients couldn’t find, we sought to provide. Choices! More Choices! Domestic production, individualized customization options and close relationships to the furniture makers allowed us to really understand how things are made as well as how quality, longevity and comfort can come together at a variety of price points.

Our core values and offering remain unchanged; it still starts with beautiful fabrics! We are grateful that clients continue to bring their imaginative home projects and invite us to collaborate with them. Where once we provided access to the exclusive, our role has evolved to one of creative curation; finding from the myriad available the best options for each client’s needs, tastes and budget.

Thank you again – for 21 years of fun, creativity and trust. We look forward to our continued partnership.